• Image of Linen and Pillow Spray
  • Image of Linen and Pillow Spray
  • Image of Linen and Pillow Spray

A sweet little luxury for you or a great gift idea for someone special.

Just a few sprays will keep your sheets and pillows fresh smelling for days and it's safe for all fabrics. I use high quality and quick drying perfumers alcohol so your spray will leave behind only the fragrance and never a lingering alcohol after scent. Once sprayed, it takes about a minute to fully dry.

It's a great way to refresh a shirt or blouse and just a spritz is enough.

Certain scents do discolor over time due to the natural essential oils in the fragrances. This will not cause your linens to be discolored or spotted when sprayed. It's a natural occurrence and normal for this product.

Each spray is 2 Oz's. Each bottle lasts about 6 months with weekly use.

Ingredients: Perfumers Alcohol, Essential Oils, Fragrance.

Full scent descriptions shown in the last thumbnail pic.